Things You Need To Know About DNA
A discovery of some interesting facts about DNA was shown from a recent survey that was conducted by a state university. The "mandatory labels on foods containing DNA" is supported by about 80 percent of Americans and this is shown by the recent survey that was concluded. Visit ChIP kit
 to learn more about  DNA. The survey that was concluded also shows that about the same number of people are supporting the mandatory labels for GMO foods that are "produced with genetic engineering".

Even if the results of the survey that was conducted was considered by the news as quite comedic, it still clarifies the problem about the state of education in the country in regards to the scientific fact and knowledge about DNA. There were a lot of people who responded about the survey and showing their concerns about the genetically-modified organisms or GMOs that are having an increasing place on the modern food chain.

There are still a number of business that reach into technologies related to DNA in regards to their commercial products that are having effects on the people, even if there is an ongoing debate and concern about the genetically-modified organisms on various foods.

To provide a wider knowledge on the importance of DNA in the everyday life of people, this article will provide a list of interesting facts about DNA and its connection on the life in the modern age of today.

1. Even if there are various organisms living in this world, each one of them are build from a composite set of instructions, the DNA is made from the combination of four components only and they are, the guanine, cytosine, thymine, and nucleotides adenine. All the group of organisms can be all broken down into the four components of DNA. The only thing that will have some changes are the particular combinations of the pair of nucleotides in each organisms.

2. A lot of researches show that DNA has a 521 year half-life. For more info on  DNA, click ChIP kit. If you fully break this down, it would mean that the oldest sample of DNA that could be used to make a new cloned living organism has a natural limit of about 2 million years. The possible cloning of plants and animals that are extinct and over the natural limit of a DNA will be ruled out. That would mean that the cloning of the dinosaurs will not be possible.

3. Ancient viruses make up about eight percent of the total current human DNA today, and these viruses is believed to be infecting people even in the past. This is because all the extinct ancient viruses that were infecting people in the past has inserted won their own DNA into the genome of the host cell. If the cells of these ancient viruses would include reproductive cells like the sperms or eggs, then the DNA of these ancient viruses will be passed down to generations. Learn more from
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